Whenever I mention the fact that I am vegan (and previously vegetarian) people like to ask questions. Why am I vegan? What’s so wrong with milk? What would we do with the animals if everyone stopped eating them? What do you eat anyways?

This section of my blog is going to be focussed on facing these questions and trying to answer them. Most of these responses will be personal opinion but when I am using facts I will quote the source so that 1) you know i’m not making up the numbers and 2) you can go and research yourself and maybe even learn why you may want to be vegan too.

Please do check out the separate articles as I post them and please leave feedback if you want to challenge, question or agree. Through respectful debate perceptions and ideas are challenged and we develop.

To start off this section I am going to share a really emotional and empowering video. It is not pleasant. It is not nice. It is real and if it makes you think about your food consumption I will be thankful. There are cute kitties and ducklings in it though so please do watch!


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