Review of Chow, Byres Road, Glasgow

I really love trying new restaurants so when a vegan meetup group I am in posted about going to Chow I naturally jumped at the chance. In Glasgow we are incredibly fortunate as we have several vegan restaurants and bars however Chow is a mainstream Chinese restaurant.

The decor of Chow is lovely with large wooden tables, lots of glass, and if you are sitting upstairs you can actually partly see the food being prepared in the kitchen. I really enjoy watching chefs work but the conversation last night was far too engrossing so I didn’t spend too long doing that.

After much confusion with the waiting staff about what vegan is there were many choices to pick from including my choices which were Yuk Sung (a spiced vegetable dish with lettuce leafs) and steamed bean curd with sweet and sour sauce. I think everyone at the table had a different dish which given we were all vegan and it was not a vegan restaurant has to be a huge plus to the venue.

Unfortunately I did not take my camera so do not have photographs of the food but apart from a minor issue where they overcharged us (which was rectified after much scribbling and calculations) and the fact it took lots of hand gestures to explain what vegan meant I would actually recommend Chow. If for nothing else than the vast variety of vegan meals on a mainstream restaurant is so rare it is really worth supporting a venue which offers this.

Chow is located at 98 Byres Road, Glasgow


3 responses to “Review of Chow, Byres Road, Glasgow

  1. Glad you enjoyed your meal at Chow. My son, Johnny, was there, too, and tells us he had a bit of a problem with the chopsticks! 🙂

    I’m always wary of eating at places where they might not understand English too well, because of the explanations needed about veganism, but someone on FaceBook recommended the Vegan Passport. You don’t have to be abroad to find it useful!

  2. scottishvegan

    I didnt realise Johnny was your son! He’s so funny 🙂

  3. We think so! 😀 One of his MANY attributes! 😀

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